Positive Emotions Exercise


The goal of this exercise is to generate possible ideas for yout to increase positive emotions in daily life. More specifically, this exercise targets the type of positive emotions that are experienced least often/are most underrepresented in your day to day life.

Step 1

From the list below, which of the ten positive emotions do you feel least daily, consequently and want to bring into your life? Choose one grouping to work with.

Types of Positive Emotion:

■ Amused, fun-loving, or silly

■ Awe, wonder, or amazement

■ Grateful, appreciative, or thankful

■ Hopeful, optimistic, or encouraged

■ Inspired, uplifted, or elevated

■ Interested, alert, or curious

■ Joyful, glad, or happy

■ Love, closeness, or trust

■ Proud, confident, or self-assured

■ Serene, content, or peaceful

Step 2

Write the three emotions from the grouping that you chose in list format with the title  “My least experienced positive emotions” 

at the top of a piece of paper

Step 3

Take ten minutes to reflect on how you can increase the opportunities in your life to experience those three emotions. Let your mind wander and don’t limit your possibilities. Your ideas should be true to you. Aim for at least 15 ideas.

Possible categories for your ideas include:

■ Activities that you already do, but could do more often

■ New activities

■ Changing your mindset about current activities

Remember, this is simply a brainstorming activity. It is not mandatory that you have to take action on all of these ways to increase the positive emotions in your life. 

End after 10 minutes

 - you can carry list around with you so that when you have another idea, which will most likely be the case, you can capture it.