This questionnaire address the extent to which an individual experiences a sense of personal meaning in life.

The Goal


This questionnaire measures people’s perception of personal meaning in their lives. Generally, a meaningful life involves a sense of purpose and personal worthiness.

Please read each statement carefully and indicate to what extent each item characterizes your own life. You may respond by circling the appropriate number according to the following scale:

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  • 1 My life as a whole has meaning.
  • 2 I am able to spend most of my time in meaningful activities and pursuits.
  • 3 I led a meaningful life in the past.
  • 4 My entire existence is full of meaning.
  • 5 At present, I find my life very meaningful.
  • 6 I look forward to a meaningful life in the future.
  • 7 I derive a great deal of personal meaning from my past life.
  • 8 I derive a great deal of personal meaning from my future expectations


Specific cut-off scores and population norms are not available for this instrument. High scores reflect a higher amount of perceived personal meaning in life.