Exploring Flow Experiences

Flow can be defined as a psychological experience where one is performing an activity and is fully immersed in an energized focus. In some professions, such as in the case of athletes and musicians, flow is also known as “being in the zone”, characterized by full absorption in what one does.


The goal of this exercise is to bring awareness to the moments of experiencing a flow- state.

think of a time where You were completely absorbed and focused on what you were doing. A time when your felt positive and strong about your abilities, and was not worried about failing. Allow yourself some time to recall this event.


Write about the experience on a piece of paper. Write down your thoughts, feelings, and impressions of the experience. 

 Guide questions

What was going on? When was this? Where were you?

Who were you with?

What was happening?

How or what did you feel?

How did the experience start?

How did you feel after the experience was over?

After you have completed

How did it feel to do this exercise of recalling your flow-state?

Are there more examples of activities that you recognise as flow states in your life? If so, what are these activities?

Is there a characteristic that is shared by the examples that you mention? For instance, creativity may be involved in all or most of the examples. Or the activities are always carried out alone/with others.

Would it be possible to do these activities more often?

If so, what could be a first step to do these activities more often?