"The Good Life is a process, NOT a state of being. It is a direction, not a destination."



At Good Life Positive Psychology we see a wide range of patients with a variety issues in their lives. Our clinicians have essential knowledge and resources that give us the ability to help  a couple in need of marriage counseling or even a patient who has had a history of extensive traumatic experience.  Prior to the first appointment and treatment, a short phone interview is conducted in order to get a basic knowledge of whom we are going to see; thereafter, a survey containing different life and social questions is emailed to the prospective patient to find out their chief complaint and which battery test is adequate for them.



We begin by conducting our initial visits in a way which allows us to get to know a patient and their chief complaints in intimate detail and to perform battery tests to get an accurate baseline for treatment. It is quintessential for the environment of the treatment to be clean, welcoming, and friendly. The staff of Good Life Positive Psychology, go above and beyond to keep the atmosphere as suitable for patients as possible. We offer a choice either coffee or tea as soon as they walk into the door and converse before the appointment to make the patient feel secure and welcomed. Our patients are treated like family, as family is what they become as soon as they are taken under our care and even after their mental health journey is complete.


The utilization of neuropsychological battery tests give the clinician a proper diagnostic review which suggests possible mental issues which a patient may face through a structured assessment of cognitive and executive function. Using the results of the battery test, the clinician will deduce likely issues and formulate a treatment plan which they find appropriate for a specific patient’s needs. A treatment plan is a detailed strategic map specifically made for every patient according to their needs which a psychologist will use in order to properly treat and cure any psychological trauma a patient is suffering from. ​A treatment plan generally includes the patient’s personal info and history, chief complaint, a timeline for treatment, goals/objectives of the treatment, and psychological tools and exercises which are appropriate for that patient’s care . ​This gives an overall structure to a person’s healthcare journey and has a variety of benefits to both the provider and the patient. The clinician is able to have a session plan at their fingertips and are able to easily decide on what needs to be worked on and improved meeting to meeting as well as being able to keep up with the patient’s progress, the patient is able to know what they need to work on in order to get better and is less stressed due to the very organized structure the treatment plan provides.

Our Practice

At Good Life Positive Psychology we strive to provide the highest quality of care. We begin by working collaboratively with clients to identify the focus and scope of treatment and then utilize best practices to help guide clients toward achieving their therapeutic goals. At the center, clients are viewed as experts on themselves and their experience, and their active participation throughout the therapeutic process is vital for change to take place. In our model, the role of the therapist is to provide ongoing empathy and support to clients while identifying and delivering specific therapeutic methods to bring about rapid alleviation of symptoms. Thus, clients are not passive recipients of treatment, but rather active collaborators in the therapeutic process.

Therapists At Good Life Positive Psychology are committed to using evidence-based techniques that have been shown to produce measurable results. The therapeutic modalities that are used in our Center have a robust body of research that support their use for the specific problems being addressed.

In addition to relying on empirically sound interventions, the clinicians at the Center utilize testing throughout therapeutic process to assess clients’ changing needs as well as their progress. The results that are obtained before and after sessions provide invaluable information about the therapeutic experience and effectiveness of the services provided, allowing for therapeutic interventions to be tailored according to the clients’ progress and therapeutic experience.

The services provided At Good Life Positive Psychology are not only scientifically sound, but are enhanced by an office environment that provides clients with a warm and supportive space where safety and satisfaction of their most basic needs can be met. 

The clinicians at the Center are well-trained in a variety of therapeutic modalities and have extensive expertise in addressing a wide range of difficulties and disorders. 

What our patents are saying

Dr.Mace taught me how to control my thoughts and emotions. Today I am off all medication and completely in control of my moods. Dr.Mace is fabulous. He changed my life. I will always pray for this special, special man. Thanks Doc, you are the greatest.

Khanh V Ngo