The goal of this tool is to promote goal-directed behaviour by increasing the client’s expectation for success, enhancing motivation and emotional involvement, and initiating planning and problem-solving actions.

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To begin, take a moment to get comfortable in your seat, and gently close your eyes. Take a few deep, slow breaths, and allow yourself to relax.

 listen, and imagine.

 Do your best to avoid falling to sleep. 

Simply relax, and imagine.

OK, I’d like you to think about a goal that you want to accomplish in the next year of your life. This might be a relationship goal, an educational goal, a personal goal, or a work-related goal. Take a moment to bring this goal forward and visualise it in your mind’s eye.

(30 secs)

Now, with this personal goal in mind, I would like you to imagine yourself going forward in time, into the future... going forward one week... two weeks... three weeks....

And four weeks... it’s now one month into the future, and you have started working towards achieving your goal - you are on the road to success. What decisions have you made? What actions have you taken? And how does it feel to be on this road to success?

(30 secs)

Now, using your imagination, continue going forward in time... until you are 6 months into the future. You are significantly closer to achieving your goal. You are starting to feel the benefits of all of your efforts. What is this like? How does it feel to be this much closer to your goal? Allow yourself to notice any feelings or emotions tied to this moment.

(30 secs)

Now, I would like you to continue going forward in time, until you reach one year from now. Here, you have fully accomplished your goal. You have achieved success! Visualise yourself in your mind. Where are you, and what are you doing? Who are you with, if anyone? What are people saying to you? And what are you saying to them.

(15 secs)

And how does reaching your goal feel? What emotions are tied to this achievement? Perhaps there are feelings of pride, joy, contentment, or satisfaction.

(30 secs)

Now, I would like you to look back on your journey. Look back on the process of achieving this goal. Look back on all of your hard work and effort, and consider how you reached your goal, step-by-step. What were the little things you did, day-by-day, to achieve success? What did you do at work? What did you do in your relationships?

[3] | Positive Psychology Practitioners Toolkit

(15 secs)

And what did you do internally to achieve success? How did you manage difficult thoughts, and emotional obstacles? What coping strategies did you use? Take a moment to consider all the things that helped you manage the personal challenges that appeared along the way.

(30 secs)


Now, as the exercise comes to an end, take a deep, slow breath. And when you are ready, gently open your eyes.

Step 2: Evaluate the exercise

How was it to do this visualisation?

Is there anything you learned from this exercise?

 Are there any insights that you can use to move closer to your goals? If so, list them below: